Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I got fixed

I am left to wonder; did this just happen or I conjured up a fantasy;

For it was just a few months ago, the assent was taken for my candidacy.

Questions were asked and the recipe defined,

Arranged it would be for me, for I did not have a love life of any kind.

Indian way is for arrangement of souls to love for life,

Elders get a vote and aspirants get to decide.

Bio datas were looked up and photos scrutinized,

I too was under review and every movement of mine analyzed.

Qualifications asked and salary details were requested,

My hobbies and aspirations were threadbare dissected.

Someone I didnt approve some my family declined,

Lets take it easy there is no rush, was all that I whined.

Then it happenned and the sequence is still a haze,

Did I first say yes or the other way round was the case

We talked for a little while and doubts were clarified,

She wanted to work and I wanted my family to be satisfied.

Religious she claimed she is, gorgeous I certified,

We want our life partners to be our friends we specified.

The saga still unfolds and I will keep you updated

The dates I am told are still to be decided.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Global Warming saga

The hunter would be hunted then
When nature would be at its furious worst,
The darkness glooming large over mankind
With water everywhere and men dying of thirst

The Seas would rise to abominable proportions
Taking the Land and the lives within,
Nowhere to live and nowhere to die
The earth that day would not be seen

Forget not the species on the way we would lose
Forget not the forests and greens destroyed,
Tornadoes Tsunamis Hurricanes and floods
Would not spare the humans for the wreck that was caused

Today; glaciers are melting temperatures are rising
As we continue to kill ourselves in our merry way,
The future we see not the warnings we hear not
As the signs of Global Warming in front of us lay

Every Human has a work to do
Every soul a duty to perform,
For we have chance to bring about a change
And save the mankind from this deadly pogrom

The dawn today brings a lease of life
The nature still at its magnificent best,
Let us resolve this day to mend out ways
Works towards a better tomorrow and till that not
take a rest

Friday, September 7, 2007

crossing over

जिन्दगी की सुबह अब ख़त्म होती जा रही है
मद्धम मद्धम जीवन के दिन चढ़्ने का आभास घेरे जा रहा है
बचपन की वोह भोर यौवन की वोह सुबह
जाने कब और कहाँ अपने निशान मानसपटल पे छोड़ के धूमिल हो गए
सुबह की लालिमा के ओझल होने के साथ जो सपने देखे थे
जो उम्मीदें बनाई थी मानो कल्पना की एक उड़ान भर बन के दूर कहीँ दिखायी देती है

यूं किन्कर्त्व्यविमुढ़ सा बैठा मैं समय के परिवर्तन का इंतज़ार करता हूँ
जो नींव इस भोर में रखी थी उसे एक मजबूत इमारत बनाना है
अपने जीवन की इस नई शुरुआत में एक नया वर्त्तमान बनाना है
भोर के सपनों को दिन के उजाले में जीवित रखना है
जिन्दगी की शाम के पहले एक उज्जवल दिन बिताना है
जिन्दगी की शाम के पहले एक उज्जवल दिन बिताना है